"New Horizons in Steel Markets" 18th Annual Conference

28 November 2023 / Istanbul Marriott Hotel Asia


SteelOrbis is the only gathering point for the worldwide steel industry.

SteelOrbis is a unique e-marketplace and market intelligence provider that offers up-to-date news on the steel industry and steel trading from one single source.

SteelOrbis' market intelligence service keeps you updated on the latest pricing and trends in the steel world with daily price reports and market analyses derived from actual transactions. At the same time, SteelOrbis' e-Commerce platform allows you the freedom to experience a new way of steel trading without giving up your present mode of doing business.

What is the history of SteelOrbis?

SteelOrbis' website, designed and developed by and for the needs of steel industry professionals, was first established in May 2002 with its market intelligence service. SteelOrbis' e-Commerce platform was launched in October 2002.

SteelOrbis was first established in Turkey, which plays a very important role in the worldwide steel market as an exporter and importer. Since 2005, SteelOrbis has expanded its global presence through local offices located in the major markets of the world. After launching its Americas office in June 2005, SteelOrbis' China office started its operations in August 2005 and most recently, SteelOrbis' Italy office opened in November 2008.

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