SteelOrbis Spring 2022 Conference & 86th IREPAS Meeting

29 May 2022 / Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus




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Platinum Sponsor

İÇDAŞ is Turkey's leading private sector steel producer in terms of capacity, having begun steel production in 1970, and is also one of the largest Turkish steel exporters. İÇDAŞ group companies operate in many different branches of heavy industry, the service industry, production and trade, such as steel, energy, shipyard, road and sea logistics, air transportation, port operations, construction, insurance, mining, agriculture and livestock. The group's integrated plant in the Biga region (Çanakkale) in northwestern Turkey includes three steel mills with a total capacity of five and a half million metric tons per year and four rolling mills with a combined capacity of five million metric tons per year, a 405 MW fluidized bed power plant consisting of three units, and a shipyard consisting of several docks and a wharf. İÇDAŞ also operates Turkey’s largest private sector harbors ICDAS Port-1 and ICDAS Port -2 with forty thousand metric tons of daily loading capacity and seventy thousand metric tons of daily unloading capacity in addition to related auxiliary facilities. Furthermore, İÇDAŞ operates other energy production facilities at 10 km from its integrated plant with a total of nearly 1.673,0 MW of installed power, including 1.200,0 MW installed power capacity at a supercritical power plant consisting of two units, a 60,0 MW capacity wind power plant consisting of 19 separate units, a 4,0 MW capacity hydro-electric power plant and a 4,0 MW capacity solar energy power plant.

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Alex Stewart International Corporation and its worldwide group of companies extends over 40 countries to provide professional inspection and laboratory analysis to business and government sectors, the latter being the area of fastest expansion during the last few years. Alex Stewart International maintains a dedicated, personalized attention to all of its customers and provides technical expertise for inspection, weighing, sampling, analysis, testing and operational auditing of all commodities and products. Alex Stewart International Corporation is a privately-owned, completely independent company providing a fully-integrated professional service for superintending sampling and analyses, and is regularly chosen as umpire laboratory in the metals/minerals field. The role of the inspection company is to express total neutrality and independence to buyers and sellers in contracts. It acts as an independent assessor of quality and ensures that these aspects of the contracts are objectively measured with complete impartiality. This is the cornerstone of Alex Stewart International Corporation's activity. The experience, expertise and overall knowledge of this company go back many years in the inspection field. In particular in the areas of all metals/minerals and related materials (i.e., base metal ores, precious metals, finished metal products industrial minerals, etc.), steel scrap materials, coal and coke materials, crude oils, chemicals, other liquids, agricultural products, grain and general commodities.

Recycling has become a necessity for individuals and companies alike. Belgian Scrap Terminal has made ‘the art of recycling’ its core business. Driven by a passion for sustainability, Belgian Scrap Terminal produces high-quality raw materials by recycling discarded consumer goods and industrial scrap on a very large scale. A high degree of organization, operational efficiency and a commitment to innovation enable Belgian Scrap Terminal to constantly raise the bar when it comes to reclaiming increasingly scarce raw materials. From its own export terminal in the port of Antwerp, Belgian Scrap Terminal supplies steel and non-ferrous industries around the world.

Turkey’s Izmir region- based, we are a manufacturer of hot rolled steel profiles. Kocaer has annual capacity of 800,000 metric tons of steel, serving many sectors such as; energy transmission line, solar energy mounting profile, transportation, mining and tunnel, ship building, agriculture and constructional sectors by supplying customer-oriented steel products (equal angles, U and C profiles, I and H beams, round and deformed bars, mining and tunnelling profiles and fittings, square bars, f lat bars) with different sizes, grades and lengths, as well as carrying out operations for product development, sales & dispatch, import/export and custom clarances. Service Center; welded manufacturing, sandblasting and painting, galvanizing, machining, bending and pressing line, heat treatment processes create added value and we provide ready-to-use products to our customers. Galvanization service, which increases the resistance of steel products to atmospheric corrosion conditions, is provided by the Galvanization facility with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year.

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Almet Holding specialises in the steel range of products - from raw materials through semi-finished and finished products - together with logistics and other value added services. Our end-to-end quality assurance, purchase, sale, finance, insurance and logistics solutions are customised to facilitate cost-effective supply chain management for our clients as well as suppliers. Almet Trading run by a group of dynamic professionals with diverse industry and business related backgrounds. Our team consists of industry professionals with a combined experience of over 70 years who was involved in completion of successful large-scale projects in the region. Today, we place ourselves as a business solution partner in the steel market through our complete offering of the product portfolio starting from raw materials to the semi-finished and finished steel products. Almet Holding consists of 5 companies each serving different markets. Almet Trading LLC – Baku, Azerbaijan Almet Trading UK Ltd – London, UK Almet Trading Georgia – Tbilisi, Georgia Almet Trading Turkey – Istanbul, Turkey Almet Logistics – Baku, Azerbaijan. ALMET LOGISTICS was established in 2020. It is a subsdiary of Almet Holding. We have several add value services from local and international transportation, loading/unloading services, and several cutting/bending.

Kardemir Çelik Sanayi A.S was established in 1968 by Mr. Nevzat Karalp, started with production of low carbon steel merchant bars and beams. Kardemir, today, has a USD 400.000.000 - business volume with a production capacity of 700.000ton/year, exporting around 80% of the production to more than 100 countries, thanks to 3 production facilities. In 2001, with the new investment of the group, our sister company Karel Demir Tel San ve Tic Ltd Sti has started low carbon steel wire production and reached to 150.000ton annual production capacity today, exporting more than 70% of the production to more than 80 countries. Kardemir Group, which also has electricity generation facilities in green energy industry, started investing for Phase-1 in 2020 under the name Kardemir Steel Mill for steel billet with an annual production capacity of 1.200.000 tons, which has started casting on 13th of May 2022. In addition, Kardemir aims to complete another important investment in the 3rd quarter of the year, which is the Kardemir Steel Wire Rod and Rebar Mill being phase-2 with a capacity of 700.000 tons. By end of 2022 total production of Kardemir Group will be more than 2.500.000 tons per year.

“KOC METALURJI A.S.” Starting its trading operations under the name KOC HADDECİLİK TEKSTİL İNŞAAT SANAYİ A.Ş. . in 1993, the company started to produce steel rebar in 1995 after investing in a rolling mill. In 2012, the company purchased its current steel plant located in Osmaniye Organized Industrial Zone . Accordingly, its melted steel capacity increased to 1.2 million metric tons melted steel (Steel Billet) per year and as of the end of 2016 the company became one of the largest steel billet suppliers among the rolling mills in Turkey’s Iskenderun region. From November 2016, the company’s rolling mill and melt shop companies were merged under the name KOC METALURJİ A.S. and, aiming to add exports to its domestic market share, the company started essential infrastructure developments in order to begin sales to export markets in 2018. KOC METALURJİ A.S. currently has 1.2 million mton melted steel (Steel Billet) production capacity per year . “KOC METALURJI A.S.” continues to take firm steps forward on the journey it began in the steel industry back in 1993.

Bronze Sponsors

CIM Bank is a Swiss Private Bank based in Switzerland since 1990. We provide services to Private and Commercial customers from our three offices located in Geneva, Wollerau, and Lugano. With a team of Private Bankers speaking more than 12 languages, CIM Bank provides a personalized relationship and individual financial solutions to clients of more than 80 nationalities. CIM Bank offers a wide range of digital services including online account opening, e-banking, trading platforms, extranet system for introducing partners, and more. We have been rewarded for the excellent quality of its traffic of international payments in all major currencies.

StaalX was established with one mission in mind: To provide value to both buyers and sellers and make the transactions easier. Founded by steel industry veterans in 2020, Staalx advocates for trade automation and e-commerce for metals. Its activities include international trading, e-commerce for steel and business development for manufacturers in the Americas. StaalX launched its first online marketplace,, in 2021. operates in the US and brings rebar buyers and sellers together for quick deliveries. Buyers enter the delivery address and requested dates and the site provides instant quotes and instant payment options to complete transactions online. Orders can be delivered as early as the next day from local warehouses. Sellers enjoy getting direct access to a diverse group of rebar buyers, without having to worry about collections. Rebar Revolution is the trusted marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. Instant quotations, automated onboarding, deliveries and documentation are revolutionary services in the industry. StaalX's ultimate vision is to become the of the metals industry. Check out our site or for more information and sign up for regular market and pricing updates.