"New Horizons in Steel Markets" 15th Annual Conference

01 December 2020 / Virtual




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Çolakoğlu’s involvement in the iron and steel business began with the steel trade business that our founder Mehmet Rüştü Çolakoğlu started in Karaköy, Istanbul, in 1945. The first meltshop was founded in Dilovası in 1968 to supply billets to the domestic market. Thereafter, Çolakoğlu enlarged its product line by starting production of wirerods in 1985 and production of reinforcing bars in 1990. With the hot stip mill investments, initiated in 2010, Çolakoğlu is one of the pioneers of Turkish iron and steel industry. Colakoğlu’s meltshop is among the most modern crude steel production plants in the World and enables to produce 2.5 million mt of billets or 3.5 million mt of slabs. Production is made with one of the largest electric arc furnaces in the world of 320 mt casting capacity. 3 million mt of Colakoğlu’s hot rolling mill capacity is currently in use. Its hot rolled coil production capacity may reach 4.5 million mt with additional investments. With its seven-stand line, Çolakoğlu’s facility is able to produce a wide range of materials from low carbon steels suitable for cold forming up to oil and gas pipes, in thicknesses of 1.1-25.4 mm and widths of 800-1,650 mm. Up to 2010 Çolakoğlu Metalurji’s production was focused on long products, namely, billets, reinforcing bars, wirerods and debars in coils. With its half century of experience in steel production, Colakoğlu has now added hot rolled coils to its product range and has started addressing higher value-added segments such as tube & pipes, automotive & wheels, agricultural tools, machinery and structural Steel industry. Espacially in the Automotive & wheels sector the firm covered itself so far by the Homologation proccess. The company maintains its position as one of the pioneers in steel industry and continues its mission by improving both itself and the sector. Aware of this fact, the company has been paying attention to continuous innovation and consistent success and hence widening its product range as well as its know-hows. Lifelong education, continuous research and regular process data tracking are perceived as key tools to achieve consistent success.

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Atakas Steel’s production facilities are located in the Hatay region of Turkey and produces pickled, cold rolled, galvanized and pre-painted coils, with an annual output capacity of 1.2 million metric tons at high-tech equipment. Atakas Group has also a seaport which enables it to better serve overseas customers and a steel service center which produces cut-to-length and slit material for domestic customers. The company exports half of its production to markets in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and North America.

Galva Metal is the number one exporting steel service center in Turkey. We act as a bridge between our suppliers and our customers as we enable material to flow in different directions. The bridges we have formed not only within Turkey but also in more than 90 countries constitute the most important foundation of our business. After our joint venture with German Wuppermann group, our company has become even stronger and we are working intensely to increase our capabilities. We provide the fastest, most efficient and most useful service with three slitting lines, two cut-to-length lines, and two profiling, one corrugated and two embossing lines. We also commissioned a cold rolling line in 2019 which enables us to produce cold rolled strips down to 0.17mm thickness. We recently started to produce teardrop pattern steel sheets. We also offer a unique fencing solution with our GalvaFence product. With our vision to be a locally-based EU supplier, we have set up two subsidiaries in Romania and Bulgaria, in addition to our operations in Turkey.

Hilco Industrial Acquisitions is part of Hilco Global, a unique platform of more than twenty integrated business units located around the world and focused on three core corporate solution areas: Valuation, Monetization and Advisory Services. Each Hilco Global company is recognized as a leader in its respective field. These businesses on their own, or collaboratively, will provide customized services to determine the market value of your business assets, monetize those assets, or enhance their overall worth to your organization through innovative strategic solutions. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or wholesale/distribution company, an asset-based or commercial lender, an attorney, accountant or turnaround professional, a private equity sponsor, hedge fund or investment bank, Hilco Global can provide a fully-integrated package of corporate solutions to assist you. A full complement of Acquisition, Disposition and Refinance solutions. With the experience of our seasoned associates, our well-established network of buyers, and the financial backing of the Hilco Global organization, Hilco Industrial is the only Machinery & Equipment asset disposition company that can offer this straight-forward alternative, simplifying the monetization process for the client and guaranteeing a positive result up front. We will take the time to study your asset mix and structure a detailed offering. Working with the other Hilco Global companies, we also often develop a strategy and an "all-inclusive" package for assets other than Machinery and Equipment such as Real Estate, Inventory, WIP, Accounts Receivable and Intellectual Property. These complex situations are where Hilco offers value above all of our competitors. Of course, Hilco will gladly work under the compensation arrangement that best suits the circumstances. In fact, we often structure arrangements involving aspects of several options. Our unmatched global experience in buying and selling assets, translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals. We acquire Distressed Industrial Assets: - Industrial Companies who are in trouble or insolvent. - Industrial Divisions of larger Corporations, to be divested. We acquire from: - Insolvency Administrators, Interim Managers, Company Directors, Shareholders, Banks, PE funds

MMK Metalurji, Russia-based MMK Group’s investment in Turkey, provides services in the Iskenderun and Gebze regions, on the back of total investment costs of approximately $2.5 billion. MMK Group, which has been supplying raw materials to Turkish industry for many years, believes in Turkey’s bright future and so decided to make an investment in Turkey as of 2006. Its Turkish facilities started production in March 2010 with a planned capacity of 2.5 million metric tons of liquid steel and in March 2011 its facilities in Turkey switched to full operation. Having initially begun its investment with an equity share of 51 percent, which was increased to 100 percent equity ownership in 2011, MMK Metalurji is the largest industrial enterprise established by the private sector from zero in Turkey. • Picking line with 1.2 million mt annual capacity • Cold rolling line with 800,000 mt capacity • Galvanizing capacity of 900,000 mt • Color coated product capacity of 400,000 mt • Cutting-slitting service center with 800,000 mt capacity • Port with annual handling capacity of 10 million mt

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The origin of intekno group dates back to the establishment of International Technology and Knowledge Co. Inc., in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA in 1987. As a result of growing activities, lntekno Teknoloji Transfer San. ve Tic. A.S. (lntekno Technology Transfer Corp) was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1991. In the following years, lntekno Group companies were established, one after another, as the group diversified its activities focusing on unique fields with strong growth potential in and around Turkey. Our main target has been creating a value for our customers through technology transfer activities, products and services that we supply. In addition to technology transfer projects, we have been dealing with international marketing and sales of raw materials and consumables, machinery and equipment in various industries, including, but not limited to: steel-making and aluminum, electric and electronics, mining and energy generation. Since its inception, lntekno Group has been able to identify and promote opportunities ahead of its competitors - through strategic applications of technology and commercial capabilities. It is our passion for developing business ideas into viable commercial products or services which enables us to move forward together with our business associates and customers. We believe in the power of collaborative innovation and move ahead with this spirit, because ''Together we can do it ...''

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Arab Iron and Steel Union has been established to support and develop the steel industry in the Arab countries and all the steel related activities across the Arab States. Arab Iron and Steel Union was established in Algeria in 1971, as the first Arab qualifative Union emanating from the Council of Economic Unity of Arab League.AISU is a non-governmental organization of a special entity having no political nature nor commercial character. AISU’s areas of work include extractive and transformational industries sectors, which related to iron and steel industries in accordance with international regulations and standards. AISU Members include a wide range of multi-activity companies related to iron and steel industry. AISU is involved in the field of preparing studies, organizing courses and holding conferences for the sake of the prosperity of the Arab iron and steel industry and assisting its members in their economic, technical and technological progress.