SteelOrbis’ 12th Annual Rebar & Wire Rod Conference

03 June 2021 / Online


RWR 2021: Steel in the Post-Pandemic Market


After a year of supply disruptions, mill shutdowns, and wild variances in demand, the vision of a post-pandemic long steel market is just beginning to emerge. Whether demand will remain strong and prices will remain high is still up for debate, and other market factors—including a potential infrastructure bill and possible tariff revisions—are also primed to impact the market going forward. 
Join this FREE-to-attend online SteelOrbis for the 12th Annual Rebar & Wire Rod Conference on Monday, June 7, 2021 to hear industry experts discuss the impact of the pandemic on long products along with their perspective on the market’s “new normal.” Though held in conjunction with the World of Concrete Expo in Las Vegas, RWR 2021 will be fully virtual so everyone is welcome to participate from Vegas or the comfort of home.
SteelOrbis’ Rebar & Wire Rod Conference is the only organized steel-centered event during the World of Concrete Expo, so don’t miss your chance to hear valuable insights from market insiders while taking advantage of innovative virtual networking opportunities. Although the event is online this year, we look forward to joining you in person in 2022!

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